Breakfast buffet

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Breakfast buffet

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Turkish hoteliers refuse from the buffet to ensure epidemiological safety of tourists after the opening of the hotels, reports “Interfax” with reference to the newspaper A Haber.

“The Minister of culture and tourism of Turkey Mehmet Ersoy has announced new rules for hoteliers, which will start to operate after the launch of domestic tourism in late may. According to the innovation, power system buffet is no more. It is assumed that it will replace the set menu”, – writes the edition.

As the newspaper notes, first open the hotel, which have certificates about the absence of coronavirus. At first they will use for the reception only half the number of rooms. In addition, the restaurants in the hotels should ensure social distancing. The number of loungers on the beaches is reduced by half. Some hotels will offer family bungalows for accommodation, and to secure for them the sun loungers on the beach or around the pool.

Additional security measures will be taken not only in hotels but also in cafes, restaurants and other entertainment resorts. So, increased demands will be serviced by the staff: they are required before the work day to pass medical check-up, work gloves and masks, and in some cases can be used special protective clothing.
The new rules will affect yachting: the number of passengers on the ship will be reduced to provide a distancing.

“We are preparing to launch domestic tourism by 15 may. I think that the most popular properties are apartments and boutique hotels. It is worth noting that accommodation prices may increase”, – quotes Ahaber mayor of the city of Ula on the Aegean coast of Ismail Akkaya.
According to the publication, Turkey expects to begin the reception of foreign guests by the end of August. To ensure epidemiological safety of tourists in the aircraft will be organized special Seating arrangements in which the secondary passenger seat will remain free.