The position of the planets Saturn and Pluto in the first house of the horoscope of our country caused serious problems that we suffer from the beginning of 2020. And the current troubles, said the astrologer Vlad Ross, still “florets” in comparison with what awaits Ukraine.

Such a forecast in his interview to “Glavred” shared the famous astrologer Vlad Ross.

He explained that the astrologers called Saturn “the planet of great misfortune,” and the influence of Pluto emphasizes the enormity of the events. And these events one is not joyful of the other. In fact, the beginning of the year was tragic: shot down by a Ukrainian plane in Iran, a coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis, the enormous scale of forest fires in the exclusion Zone around Chernobyl.

Ahead, as suggested by the astrologer, with high probability we are facing very serious economic problems, to which may be added more social if the government did not develop effective mechanism to overcome the economic consequences of quarantine.

Because people are tired of restrictions in connection with the imposed quarantine and often simply ignore them. Not far off, and more severe protests than those that have already rocked Kiev and the regions.

But there is, as predicted, the astrologer, Ukraine are waiting for more serious tests. Very difficult October and November. In these months an extremely high likelihood of very serious economic crisis, the possible collapse of the national currency, which would entail a huge plume associated problems.

However, hope for improvement there. And it is connected, according to Vlad Ross, a charismatic man who in the fall will head the government of Ukraine and still be able to pull the country out of a serious crisis.

A serious and tangible improvements will come in 2021, which, as says the astrologer, will be the year for Ukraine’s prosperity.

“In October – November, the government will be headed by the very charismatic Prime Minister. And thanks to him, Ukraine will begin to rise and to exhibit economic growth” – encouraged by an astrologer.

“Change for the better and the prospect of a brighter future will appear in the autumn, especially if the President Zelensky decides to go to a serious shake-up and change their environment”, concluded Vlad Ross.

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