For many centuries, the Holy fire descends annually in the Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
On the eve of Easter, Christians will observe the miracle of the Holy fire / UNIAN

On Holy Saturday, on the eve of Easter in Jerusalem is one of the most important events of the year for Christians of the Eastern rite – the miracle of the Holy fire.

For many centuries, the Holy fire descends annually in the Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre built on the place where he was buried, and then resurrected Jesus Christ. This event symbolizes the relationship of God with humanity.

Orthodox Christians recognize the divine essence of the convergence of fire. Every year on the eve of Passover in Jerusalem attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims and millions of people look for a miracle in direct online broadcast.

UNIAN learned the essence and the version of Holy fire. And figured out what to do if the Holy fire does not descend.

How goes the Holy fire

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According to the Holy texts, the first witness of the miracle was the Apostle Peter. Learning about the resurrection of Christ, he went to his grave. There, on the spot where once stood the body of the Saviour, he saw the divine light.

The miracle of the Holy fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is described in IV century. About it wrote both Christian and Muslim authors.

Over centuries of observation of the phenomenon in the Church has formed a strict control over the process of gathering fire. On the eve of Holy Saturday in the Church extinguish all candles, lamps and chandeliers. Morning performed procedure for the sealing of the Sepulchre, before which Edicule (chapel erected over the Grave of) the visiting delegation of all Christian churches.

After sealing the Tomb begins with a festive Church course, and in the period from two to three days the Edicule is the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the garments of which were also carefully inspected for the presence of any source of fire.

The Patriarch enters the chapel only with a torch and candles, where a prayer. Then at the candles and the torch comes down Holy fire. Many witnesses argued that the descent of the fire is accompanied by the appearance in the temple of the wandering lights like fireballs. Some say that devoid of the heat of the fire goes over the heads of believers “like the dew”.

After the apparition of the Patriarch with the fire from the chapel, the pilgrims hasten to light their candles from the Holy flame. The priests Ministers help of speed. Eventually the lamps with fertile fire deliver to all corners of the world.

The miracle of the descent of the Holy fire in Jerusalem described in the fourth century / REUTERSСхождение Holy fire 2019

The Holy fire has an important place in the life of Orthodox Christians, including – and in Ukraine. The miracle always comes the day before the feast of the Passover.

Orthodox Easter 2019, as it is known, is celebrated on 28 April, therefore, the descent of the Holy fire this year will come on 27 April, Holy Saturday.

Holy fire – explanation

For centuries there have been many attempts to expose the miracle of the Holy fire. The Catholic Church has ceased to recognize the miraculous nature of the Holy Fire in the XII century, after the expulsion of the crusaders from Jerusalem.

In the period of Muslim rule, the government carefully watched the process of the descent of the Holy fire. In the early twentieth century the actions of the Patriarch at the entrance to the chapel was carefully controlled by the Turkish Janissaries. Today the priest visiting the Israeli police.

The process of gathering Holy fire is carefully controlled for many centuries / REUTERS

However, over the past century, the public was not provided compelling evidence about the earthly essence of the Holy fire. Today, skeptics often say that the arbitrary fire of the torch and candles can be achieved with manipulation of chemical substances. Some believe that in the chapel there is a hidden lamp or something to create a spark used a source of electric discharge.

Believers, while willing to consider the sacred fire, even if its occurrence is not always associated with a miracle. Because it lights up on the Holy day of the most sacred Christian relics.

If Holy fire does not descend

The Holy fathers say that the lack of a descent of the Holy fire is one of the signs of the imminent end times. Therefore the Lord will give Christians a sign that the time for repentance is almost gone and the day of judgment is near. The only solution in this case is to reject the evil that will bring the Antichrist, and repent.

However, this is only one of the three signs of the imminent end of the world. It needs to match up with two – the discovery of Noah’s Ark on mount Ararat and the drying oak of Mamre, under which Abraham met the Angels of the Holy Trinity.

There are several historical episodes when the Holy fire did not go down in time, or went outside of the temple. In particular, in 1101 and 1578.

Thousands of believers came to Jerusalem to see the Holy fire