The theme of “China threat” may soon become as relevant in the US as “Russian intervention”. This opinion was expressed by RT interviewed experts commenting on the statements of FBI Director Christopher ray. According to him, Moscow is Washington’s “significant threat” in the intelligence field, but the greatest danger still comes from Beijing. Such statements from the U.S. intelligence can cause US paranoia, analysts say. At the same time, they point out that espionage, including industrial, is a common phenomenon and the United States occupy a leading position in this field.

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Russia poses a “significant threat” to the United States in the intelligence field. This is the opinion of the FBI Director Christopher ray. According to him, Moscow allegedly use social media to “undermine Americans’ faith in democracy.”

“This threat is characteristic not only of the electoral cycle. It can be said that the threat, which is relevant 365 days a year,” said ray.

However, according to Director of the FBI, the greatest danger for the United States in the intelligence field is not Moscow, and Beijing.

“No country represents a broader, more serious threat to intelligence gathering than China. Beijing has pioneered a social approach to the theft of innovative technologies in all possible ways among a large number of companies, universities and organizations”, — said ray.

As explained by the head of the Federal Bureau of investigation, Chinese intelligence services operate through many channels, including state-owned enterprises, private companies in the U.S., Chinese students studying in American educational institutions, researchers, and many other players acting in the interests of Beijing.

Last but not least, the Chinese intelligence is interested in industrial secrets, and economic espionage.

“We’re investigating cases of economic espionage, the traces of which, according to all 56 regional offices, the FBI, almost always lead to China. These steps cover almost the entire industrial sector and beyond the fair market competition. They are illegal and pose a threat to our economic stability and national security,” — said the head of the FBI.

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“A big mistake”

Even during his election campaign, trump often acted with sharp criticism of Beijing, accusing the Chinese government of manipulating the national currency to increase their own exports to the American market and misuse of intellectual property of American companies.

As President, trump has instructed U.S. trade representative Robert Leitheiser to investigate possible violations of the rights of American companies by the Chinese side. As a result, Leithauser accused Beijing is not only an unfair approach to trade disputes, but also in the attempts to hijack the new technologies created in the United States.

As a result, in March 2018 trump signed a Memorandum “On the fight against economic aggression of China.” In accordance with the document, the us imposed higher import duties on some Chinese goods. Beijing did not hesitate with the answer and introduced symmetrical measures against American products.

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Currently the parties are negotiating a deal to end trade war. In particular, on April 26 it became known that soon is expected to visit XI Jinping in the United States, during which he will meet with Donald trump, and leaders may sign a trade agreement. However, analysts are not confident that the negotiations on this subject will be crowned with success.

Meanwhile, experts believe that such statements about the “dangers” of China can ultimately cause paranoia among the population, and the theme of “Chinese spies” will soon be able to compete in popularity with the theme of “Russian intervention”.

“The US authorities can cause paranoia in the population such rhetoric of “China threat”. In fact, the intelligence gathering is on the one and on the other hand, especially given the current tensions in the world — said in an interview with RT expert of the International Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Bruter. — In order to combat espionage and intelligence gathering, there are special services. But to claim such a thing publicly is a big mistake. It may painfully affect the public mood. In fact, such actions show that the US is losing information war with Russia and China. It is noticeable that the American elite is nervous, and therefore shows lack of restraint”.


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However, according to chief research officer of the Institute of USA and Canada Vladimir Vasiliev, the American officials and intelligence there is no purpose to develop the country’s spy mania, and statements about the Chinese threat are made “spontaneously”.

“Such statements are made spontaneously. Just imagine the Americans that they are threatened by two powerful state, separated by commas. These threats are different “skills”: Russia is associated with attempts at political interference, and China, technological espionage,” — said the expert.

“Can challenge the Americans”

In the fall of 2018, Bloomberg published the article in which he described how Chinese intelligence years allegedly implemented secret microchips in circuit boards for Super Micro servers. These boards are used by many American companies, including Apple and Amazon. According to journalists, it allowed Chinese specialists to remotely access the networks to which it was connected servers c modified boards.

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In January 2019, the American authorities have put forward a number of claims against the Chinese company Huawei. In addition to charges of violating anti-Iran sanctions, the Chinese manufacturer also charged with industrial espionage. Later, the CIA came to the conclusion that Huawei is allegedly linked to Chinese intelligence agencies and received funding from them. This is with reference to anonymous source told the British newspaper the Times.

In the company, all deny the charges. According to the Chinese foreign Ministry representative Geng Shuang, attacks Washington’s hidden political motives.

From anti-Chinese policy of the White house affects not only large corporations, but also ordinary citizens. Recently, from cancer center in Houston was dismissed three researchers, suspected of having links with Chinese authorities. This was reported by NBC News. According to investigators, the scientists were able to transmit the latest medical research center of the Chinese side.


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According to Vladimir Bruter, those active checks imposed on Chinese businesses and individuals in the United States, now appear to be excessive.

“In the United States are subject to inspections of Chinese students, professionals, commercial companies — it goes to a witch hunt. The General attitude to Russia and to China now in the United States the same — both countries are perceived in the role of opponents”, — the expert believes.

Similar opinion is shared by Vladimir Vasiliev. According to him, Beijing and Moscow in the framework of American national security strategy act as the key threats.

“First the Americans did not consider China as an important threat, but now comes the realization of Chinese power — China claims the role of a superpower and could challenge the Americans. The present geopolitical confrontation like the one that was in the last century between the United States and the Soviet Union, might occur in the next decade between the U.S. and China. Today one of the main tasks of the Washington — to prevent the Alliance of China and Russia, but by its actions the administration of the tramp only pushing Beijing and Moscow towards each other”, — concluded the expert.