In Kiev today, December 15, in the area of the Unifying Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will be taken unprecedented security measures. For journalists this is a closed event. Will not work drones.

Unity Council held in St. Sophia of Kiev. During its conduct of media representatives on the territory of the reserve Sophia Cathedral and Saint Sophia Cathedral will not be allowed. For journalists to arrange special location where they are to report and to go live, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The interior Ministry announced that security will increase not only near the reserve, which will host Cathedral, but next to other religious buildings. In addition, on the occasion of the Cathedral, the serious measures taken by border guards on the Ukrainian border.

It also became known that, along with the Unification Council in Kyiv on St. Sophia square will be a universal prayer for the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, it will begin at 09:00.

Saturday morning, December 15, and until the announcement of the results of the Council the Ukrainians will turn the recognized leaders of the nation. Doctors, actors, musicians, poets and writers, teachers, etc.

However, the start time is significant for the whole of Ukraine the Cathedral is kept secret.

As you know, the Council’s agenda three questions. It is the unity of the Church, the election of its Primate and the adoption of the Charter. The sources emphasize that these issues should be resolved within one day.

At the end of the Cathedral the head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople Bartholomew will present the new Primate of the Church of Tomos — a document confirming the autocephaly.

In the Cathedral will take part including the bishops of the UOC-MP, which is known to the Church authorities from Moscow to do so is prohibited.


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