In Moscow the premiere of a Comedy by Ilya Kulikov “the police and the ruble. Christmas chaos” — a full-length speciest popular series with Alexander Petrov, Sergey Baranovym and Alexandra Bortech. In the story, police “Barvikha-North”, which are characters, is on the verge of closing. To raise statistics the police decide to Rob a Bank, and then independently solve his own crime.

In Moscow cinema “October” premiere of the Comedy film Director and screenwriter Ilya Kulikov “the police and the ruble. New year’s chaos”.

The new film is basically a ninety-minute holiday series of the famous series. In her story for the New year power Barvikha said it expects to close one of the two local police departments. The solution they are going to take on the basis of statistical reports on their activities.

Head of the criminal police of OMVD “Barvikha-North” Grisha Izmailov decides that a closure should be the branch “South”, therefore invites colleagues to Rob the Bank, and then by and to solve this crime. At first, everything goes according to plan, but it is soon revealed that the stolen money belongs to a major oligarch who owns a pharmaceutical company.

The promotional campaign “Christmas chaos” is clearly built on the assumption that the series is “a police officer with the ruble” seen it all. Those who are not familiar with the series, can think that do not understand what is happening on the screen.

However, the authors observe all the necessary formalities in the beginning acquaint the audience with the main actors with the cutting of the series.

Recall that the fourth season of the show appeared on the service “TNT-Premier” in early December, and “new year’s chaos” will be a direct continuation of eight new episodes.

“Christmas chaos” will come in handy in case the mood to watch no superhero blockbusters or just want something domestic, not imported.

Here is exactly three people. The first is one of the most popular Russian actors Alexander Petrov. The second — Sergey Burunov, which draws on all the buffoonery. The third Roman Popov, who plays the stereotypical charismatic fool.

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There is a strong feeling that the main task of the Director was to make a good holiday movie. Ilya Kulikov should pay tribute — he did it.

In the Western serial industry has long been a tradition of releasing Christmas specifity and show them in a movie. Here the most successful British “Doctor Who” and “Downton Abbey”. The likely success of the new “Police with the ruble” it is able to provide for the borrowing of this practice.

The film “COP and the ruble. New year’s chaos” will be released in wide release December 20.