​Haley won the primaries in the heart of the United States, writing her name in the history of Republicans

Nikki Haley won the Republican primary in the District of Columbia, winning her first victory in the 2024 campaign.

Yesterday, Haley managed to gain more support from voters in
Colombia than Trump. Do not forget that
Washington, the capital of the United States, is located in this district.

Experts also state that
Trump will still win in other districts this week, but this
victory is also very important for Haley, the Associated Press informs.

after losing in her home district of South Carolina, Haley was not
going to go the distance. She said that Republicans
deserve an alternative to Trump and she will fight him to the end.

are not surprised by Haley’s victory in Colombia, as Republican voters
are very unhappy with Trump’s policies. All 19
delegates of the convention voted for Haley. The most interesting thing is that Haley became the first
Republican woman to win the primaries in the District of Columbia.

About 23 thousand supporters of the Republican Party live in Washington
. However, during the 2020 presidential election, Biden scored in
Colombia has 92% of the votes.

Last Friday, Haley held a meeting
with voters in Washington, after which she left for the North
Caroline. There will be a number of other primaries this week.

One of the supporters of the Republican Party said that Haley would not be able to win against Trump in the general race anyway.

2020, Trump won the primaries in Colombia, but in 2016 he was
only third after Republicans Marco Rubio and John Kasich.

After Haley’s victory in the District of Columbia, Trump reacted by saying that she was the “queen of the swamps.”

Earlier, Haley appealed to the Republicans against the background of Trump’s words about helping Ukraine.

Recall that Haley lost the primaries in Nevada, even though Trump did not go there to campaign.