Have arrested in Crimea journalist heart problem – lawyer

KIEV. July 14. UNN. The arrestee in the temporarily occupied Crimea civilian journalist Ruslan Suleymanov discovered diffuse changes in the heart. It is reported by the public Association “Crimean solidarity” with reference to the lawyer Lily Gemedzhi, reports UNN.

“He had a chat with a psychologist, he was forced to take the test. There were questions of this nature as, for example, “knob and boot, what is common between these objects?”. He said he remembered the answer to this question of psychology, who taught him at the University that the schizophrenic should answer that they both have left a normal person such a response would not give” — said the lawyer.

So, in inpatient psychiatric hospitals have been a number of medical research. After the study of the heart was done on the EEG.

“According to my client, he had noticed a diffuse change of heart and discovered the blockade of the right bundle branch block,” said Gemedzhi.

After receiving documents with medical opinion the defense intends to apply for a medical examination.

“Also, my client was involved in an incident concerning amendments to the Constitution (of Russia — ed.), regarding the participation in the voting process. He wrote a statement that he does not wish to participate in this vote. Three times he was called “on the carpet” and after submitting a written application it be left alone”, — concluded the lawyer.

So, according to the organization, Suleymanov — civil journalist, activist of the “Crimean solidarity,” a graduate of the faculty of physics of magnetic phenomena at TNU. He was arrested on 27 March 2019 during the mass searches in the occupied Crimea and is being detained in prison more than 15 months.

As reported UNN, recently in the occupied Peninsula again raided security forces. So, around 4 a.m. on 7 July it became known about the same time carrying out massive raids in several areas of the occupied Crimea. According to the results of the investigation of events that took place in 13 houses, employees of FSB have detained 7 people — Ziyadinov Emil Ibrahimov Ismet, Sufyanova Alima, Khairetdinova, RA, Sizikova Alexander, Bektemirova, Vadim Muratov Sekiryu.

All were taken to the building of the FSB in Simferopol. Delavera memetova, which came with a warrant for the arrest, in his household was not. Russian special services continue to look for him.