Hail the size of a baseball and broke Windows and cars in the States of Oklahoma and Texas

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A violent storm, which was accompanied by large hail struck the South-Central part of the United States. In the districts of Le Flore Oklahoma Collin, Texas the size of the individual hailstones exceed 6 cm, which is slightly smaller than a baseball, according to AccuWeather.

As a result of the elements was broken Windows of houses and cars. Information on victims didn’t arrive.

From the strong storm also hit the States of Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. Missouri was a confirmed tornado, which without significant damage. In addition, in Missouri and Arkansas hail, but its effects are not as severe as in Oklahoma and Texas.

Note that large hail can do tremendous damage. So, last year, the losses from the June storms in Colorado amounted to $ 2.1 billion. In the same month, the hail in Texas damaged about 20 thousand buildings and 25 thousand vehicles, causing damage of $ 425 million, according to Stormnews.


Hail today. Edmond Oklahoma pic.twitter.com/UFGWPpUhkl

— carl (@carl61551114) 23 Mar 2019

????️????️ HUGE HAIL: #Severe thunderstorms blasted the northern suburbs of #Oklahoma City Saturday evening. #Hail as large as eggs fell in the city of Edmond! #OKwx pic.twitter.com/MP2u9UXo7K

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) 24 Mar 2019

Howe Oklahoma Hail.

Photo: Andrea Stinson #okwx pic.twitter.com/F60ftDahSJ

— Garrett Lewis (@5NEWSGarrett) on 25 March 2019.

“Orange-sized” hail tonight in SE Oklahoma.

Katie Brown, Monroe, Oklahoma #okwx pic.twitter.com/7CKmJQbyXe

— Garrett Lewis (@5NEWSGarrett) on 25 March 2019.


More hail damage in McKinney. Video Courtesy: @cravensart pic.twitter.com/c2AbzSCZYx

— FOX 4 NEWS (@FOX4) on 25 March 2019.