Grinevich called the cause of the poisoning in the Kharkiv schoolLiliya Hrynevych / Photo:

School student sprayed some gas from a container

22.05.18 75000

The cause of poisoning in the Kharkov school is the sputtering gas from a container one of the students.

This was stated by the Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“We are working with the regional administration investigate this case. It is known that a student sprayed some gas from a container. First, was immediately evacuated from the school. Those children who became ill, they were immediately taken to the hospital. I spoke with representatives of the regional state administration. Have all the children in the normal state, only one boy has problems, his condition is improving , but he should still be in hospital,” – said Grinevich.

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“There is some idea as to disrupt the educational process. Children who do it often don’t understand what can cause harm to other children,” the Minister added.

Grinevich noted that the SSES and other competent services find out that it was for gas.

Recall that in early may during the line at school # 8 in Cherkasy deteriorated health of some students. 15 children fainted. Only the hospital was delivered in 50 children.

May 21, in Nikolaev from-for spraying an unknown gas with a pungent odor in the school were evacuated 400 students, 36 children were sent to the hospital to find out the status. Two students were placed in intensive care.