Business in the collection and analysis of data remains one of the most profitable, and therefore, even successful market players, like Google, do not be ashamed to constantly create new tools. The latest know-how – a filtration system and total encryption of traffic from mobile devices under the name “Project Fi”. This specific add-on to existing communication systems that will hide your online activity from the eyes of Google competitors.

Fi Project was created in cooperation with major Western Telecom operators, plus it covers 2 million Wi-Fi networks around the world. Therefore, it is not so important how you communicate in the Network — instead, the system eliminates such annoying time, as a reference to the free Wi-Fi with bad signal. And she switches to using sustainable mobile traffic in the encryption and transmission of messages.

Google say that although you will get access to all of your mobile traffic, nothing in their own interests or the interests of other business entities to use will not. Just keep copies on their servers, just in case. Here’s the fee for a new level of anonymity, which is designed to implement the project Fi. One problem – after numerous violations of similar promises by Google, almost no one believes.

A real significant plus Project Fi that it is a competitor to all the other paid and free VPN servers, because it offers ordinary and incompetent users to receive two bonuses in one. And to improve the quality of their wireless connection, without going into the intricacies of the passage of radio signals, and to provide at least some anonymity when browsing the Internet. In the world lack effective solutions, but they require knowledge of administration and careful configuration of computer hardware — not all users are willing to go to such measures.
Source — Project Fi