​”They chase every car,” – Z-military commander told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine “oppress” the soldiers of the Russian Federation

With the advent of cluster munitions in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the situation of the occupation army of the Russian Federation at the front has deteriorated sharply.

Starting in the summer of 2023, the Russian army on the fronts in Ukraine has sharply deteriorated. The reason was the appearance of cluster munitions in the APU.

Z-voenkor told about this on the air of the Russian propaganda radio station Komsomolskaya Pravda. The footage is available on the Telegram channel “Ukraine 365”.

The propagandist complained that the Ukrainian Armed Forces “oppress” the Russian occupiers not only with “cassettes”, but also with drones. The result of what is happening is that it is extremely difficult for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to deliver weapons, shells and food to the front line.

Cassettes are working, a lot. A lot of drones. Dragged up reserves… After the summer, when they brought the cassettes, they have no shortage of fire exposure at all! Secondly, they started chasing after every car. Previously, it was possible to safely drive closer to Oktyabrsky there. Now, starting in the summer, from the moment they were put on the tapes, it is impossible to drive up at all. They attack any moving vehicle,” Z-voenkor complained.

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