The singer has pleased the followers unexpected Duo in an unusual format.

According to Glucose, the conditions of the quarantine she continues to work on new tracks in the home music Studio. The other day she decided to make a followers new video. She was whistling a melody into the microphone and her pet named Muftic sang under the accompaniment of a dog.


“I want to support you with MultiCom. The truth is, that whistling is not”. The unusual Duo immediately dedicated the flattering comments: “All right now, don’t despair, you, Natasha, well done”, “It’s cool”, “Beauty”, “Now we will learn to sing your through Your lessons,” “he’s great”, “That’s great! Dog annuci”, “Oh, how Muftic sings well”, “the Super-Duo! Bravo!”, “Natasha…. hooligan”, “What is it Teddy boy. Lovely!” – comments left under the video of the most devoted fans.