Hertha – Zorya – 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Selke (16, 73).

“Gert”: Kraft, pekarík, stark, Coronaria, Mittelstadt, Stocker, Mayer, Esswein (dardo Jr., 80), Duda (Skjelbred, 74), Kalou (Haraguchi, 58), Selke.

Zarya: Lunin, Opanasenko, One, Grechishkin, Sukhotsky, Kharatin, Andrievsky, Karavayev (Leonidas, 74), Silas (Gordienko, 56), Lunev (Gromov, 60), Yuri.

Booked: Caravan (68), Sukhotsky (79).

Referee – John Beaton (Scotland).

2 Nov. Berlin. “Olympiastadion”. +7’C.

The German club took revenge for the defeat two weeks ago, scoring the ball in each half.

After the defeat of the “Estresante” in the first round, few thought that the team Yuriya Vernidub will seriously qualify out of the group. However, since the Luhansk held nine meetings, none have not lost in regulation time (only Shakhtar put the squeeze on them for more) and, much to the amazement of opponents in Europa League and defeated “athletic”, and “Gerta”.

Of course, to re-duel with the Ukrainian club Berliners were preparing responsibly. The sense of superiority, read in the eyes of coaches and players “Hertha” in Lviv, vanished as snow, recently prisypali our streets. Accordingly complicated and the task of “Dawn”: to play on the underestimation of the opponent and to surprise was now impossible.

Unlike our team, whose starting lineup unexpected call, the owners have embarked on a path of radical change. Compared to game two weeks ago PAL dardai fielded six new players!

However, personnel reshuffle had no impact on the script of the first minutes. “Gert” has re-established control of the ball, making “Dawn” to defend in numbers. Only this time the attacks of the representative of the Bundesliga was far more dangerous.

Already on 5-th minute Salomon Kalou – an old friend Andriy Shevchenko in attack, “Chelsea” – has popped up on shock position, and Andrey Lunin is not easily cleared the danger after a “shot” ivoirite. Later Ondrej Duda on the right flank pushed Dmytro hrechyshkin and conveniently passed to Alexander Esswein – ball, though not much, but flew into the far corner, and our young Keeper again had to show their reaction.

If in Lviv guys Vernidub coped with the initial German assaults, the “Olympiastadion” the owners managed to realize the goal of their advantage. Spectacular the combination of “Hertha” ended with a good canopy Maximilian Mittelstaedt on the left and Davie Selke, struggling in the dead zone between Alexander One and Artem Sukhotsky, irresistible struck his head. How can you not remember that this particular striker disappointed Luhansk in the first leg also having an air attack…

It is important that having passed, the visitors did not panic and did not go. Moreover, somewhere in the middle of the first half they pushed the game away from our goal and had several good attacks. Can remember the breakthrough Yuri, a shot of Silas, but the closest to success was Maxim Lunev. From the penalty the midfielder prudent methyl in the free left corner of the goalkeeper – sorry, missed.

However, the ending of the first half, once again was for “Hertha”, and Lunin got another load. And taking a strike, Arne Meyer, when responding to an attempt to cal who tried to catch the goalkeeper on protivohode.

The second half did not give the answer, due to which Luhansk is going to break the game. The hosts continued to dominate, creating chances, easily overcoming the middle of the field. Is a local defeat on this critical bridgehead was decisive in the confrontation on the “Olympiastadion”.

Seeing this, vernydub one after another made two changes, instead of releasing inert Silas mobile Artem Gordienko, and instead lost a few Luneva – quick Artem Gromov, who had distinguished themselves in the recent League game against oleksandriia.

The course of our mentor justified. At least the back was quieter, but “military action” has moved on half of field “Hertha”. On 68 minutes, Gordienko was even able to score, but wasn’t able to Nestle for hitting the ball flying over the goalkeeper along the goal line – he went too high.

Alas, all the cards Luhansk confused unfortunate mistake Yevhen Opanasenko. Lateral transfer is contrary to all canons of football has led to pruning, and in possession of the ball Esswein a hundred took advantage of the unexpected gift. Transmission Selke was timely and accurate: the striker entered the penalty area, elegantly removed Lunin and rolled the ball into an empty net.

This is all that is needed to “Hertha” still lagging “Dawn”, but got the advantage over her in personal meetings (it is at the final counting of points can still play a role). Berliners did not escalate the situation, but the opponents to create something truly serious was not given.

Anyway, Luhansk retained second place in group J. Obviously, the owners of the packages in this group will determine the final round.

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