In Germany released a parody of the propaganda of the Russian media. The video has caused a stir in social networks.

Hilarious video parody published in a Twitter account under the name “Naked Patriot”, reports “Диалог.UA”.

A parody of the media Putin’s Russia, made popular in Germany, the humorous talk show “Late Night Berlin”. The actress masterfully conveyed the spirit of advocates of the Russian Federation. Perched on the counter leading and squatting as “Gopnik” she began to tell the fakes about the horrors of life in Europe, occasionally inserting into his speech swearing in Russian.

“Here in Germany, I see Russian news”, – commented on the video “Naked Patriot”. The actress for her masterful performance in the role of odious propagandist Kabaevoy he offers to give “Oscar”.

As you can see Russian news in Germany.
This is of course an OSCAR!

Naked Patriot (@GolyDovolen) March 17, 2019

“Too good for Kabaevoj,” said its subscriber.

Russians shocked by a video parody.

“Cool… Validly executed! But what a shame,” complaining about the citizens of the Russian Federation.

“GRE**th shame!!! How did we come to this?” – they ask.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that the Nevzorov called Skobeevo “talking chicken” live rossm: video “blew up” the social network.