Former assistant Pugacheva told about the passionate character of the legendary artist. Valentina was the head of the press service of the radio “Alla”. According to her, the boss came to the office almost every day, knew all the staff and personally controlled.

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Valentina remembers that the Diva on the way to work would often come to the store for gifts for employees. It gives someone the earrings, the shawl.

“Remember how she chastised me: you walk like a monkey! You’re a beautiful girl! Why are you always in those jeans and don’t wear dresses? Here’s rings and beads, they jeans don’t fit. Take them off! Waiting for you in a dress!” – says Valentine.

Often the owner of the radio “Alla” was caused by unscrupulous employees “on the carpet”. It requires a full commitment to his business and professionalism.

“Maybe sometimes in the rigid form to Express dissatisfaction. But it is always the case. She knows how to chide, to advise,” added former assistant.

Pugachev with the staff of “Radio Alla”

Recall, Galkin published online photos with friends and Alla Pugacheva. Fans are numb from the appearance of the band: the singer though younger by 30 years.

See also: it became known that the singer Alla Pugacheva assisted the artist-fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who had to ask friends for help because financially he couldn’t afford the costs.

Alena Doroshenko