To protect the police from coronavirus, Ford proposed a new method of disinfecting the patrol vehicles. To do this, the company has modified the software of the climate system of cars.

After switching on the system raises the temperature to 56 °C and holds it for 15 minutes. In Ford say that it reduces the concentration of viruses on the interior surfaces and materials more than 99 %.

Emergency and rear lights during the warm-up starts to flash specially programmed pattern after 15 minutes, the flashing mode is changed. Heating system Ford developed in conjunction with the Ohio state University, scientists who helped to determine the optimal temperature range and the time required for the destruction of the virus COVID-19.

The company believes that the heat can penetrate into cracks and other inaccessible places, which can not penetrate chemical disinfectants. However, this process is simply intended to complement other security measures, not replace them.

Source — Ford