The developers jetpacks JB-9 JB-10 David Maiman and Nelson Tyler decided to continue research on the creation of individual air transport. This time they presented the project of a flying car-quadcopter.

According to the developers, it will be the embodiment of the modern technologies. It will be the electric aircraft by lithium batteries with vertical takeoff and landing and a variety of inertial sensors, which provide him with further functions of the drone.

The initial version of the quadcopter is capable of flying with a duration of 20 minutes. In the future it is planned to increase by using a small generator or more sophisticated batteries, the appearance of which no doubt the authors of the project.

Currently, the concept is at the design stage. It is already known that it will be single manned quadcopter with 12 coaxial rotors on six uprights. Its dimensions commensurate with the car, so it will easily fit in a normal garage.