Inventors drones offer new options for the flying equipment. American Hagai Klein was forced to fly… the case of the smartphone, providing it with a miniature video camera. The device is called SELFLY and, as the name implies, it is designed for selfie.

According to Klein, “SELFLY is your personal photographer with maximum coverage for photos.” Having it in your pocket, you can forget about the selfie sticks and special drones with camera.

“Flying cover” is equipped with 8 megapixel camera which makes quality pictures with Full HD resolution. Stabilization system enables it to fly in an Autonomous mode that enables shooting from various angles. Users can lock the gadget to the desired position and press the shutter with your smartphone.

SELFLY has managed to collect on Kickstarter $ 200,000, which is almost two times more than planned. The estimated cost of the gadget will cost $ 99.