In the Volyn region increased cases of coronavirus COVID-19, among its speakers were parishioners of the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate. Such information during a press briefing said the head of the Volyn regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Natalia Janko, reports Диалог.UA.

According to the authorities of Volyn region, another hotbed of the epidemic in the region is the temple of the Holy Archangel Michael: two days ago, on may 10, it became known that 18 people, the laity, became infected with the coronavirus. As noted by Janko, these people came to Church during memorial day and Easter, when I should have stayed home and to comply with the quarantine.

All in the region as of may 10, there were 30 recorded new
infections, another person died. Today in Volyn region
it was noted 496 cases of infection with coronavirus.

Interestingly, according to some, the coronavirus has also been infected by the parishioners of the Evangelical Church in the village Cherevakha in Manevichi Eastern district of Volyn region.

Earlier, we reported that in the Volyn region two physicians picked up the coronavirus COVID-19, when doing the autopsy on his dead colleague. They performed all procedures in hazmat suits, but from the disease that did not save them.

Earlier in the same Volyn region was recorded another death from the coronavirus: a victim of the disease was a gynecologist who was before his death on vacation, and then he was diagnosed with pneumonia.