Our planet may die, faced with a huge asteroid.

Scientists are concerned about the asteroid Apophis, which will approach the Earth in 2029 and April 13 will be held only in three tens of thousands of miles away from her, said “Диалог.UA” with reference to the Ukrainian and Russian media.

Earlier, the us geophysicist has made a bold statement about the end of the world in 2019 and the death of all mankind.

There is a small chance that Apophis will fall into the 600-metre risk zone, where Earth’s gravitational field will significantly affect its trajectory. In this case, when you next return in 2036, the asteroid will affect Blue planet.

It is also reported that in the first place at risk in a collision with Apophis in 2036 gets part of the Russian Federation (far East), as well as Central America and West Africa.

Rumor has it that the asteroid Apophis is a far more dangerous threat to our planet than a hypothetical planet Nibiru, the approach of which towards the Earth is not the first talk in the media conspiracy theorists.

Recall, mystic Arestill, predicted the victory of Donald trump in the elections, revealed a new date for the death of the Earth.

As previously reported, the deadly planet Nibiru began its invasion.