European champion in combat Sambo albert of Shangaraev shared his opinion about the cancellation of the fight the champion of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) lightweight Russian Habib Nurmagomedov with American Tony Ferguson.

  • Reuters

“About Habib a lot to say. What’s to say? A great fighter, has long proved. Whatever may be said about him, he showed his battles. And so, the more postponed the fight, the more they earn money. I think the situation in the world with the coronavirus will calm down and fight Habib with Tony will be held”, — quotes the words of the athlete TNV.

He also believes that opponents have an equal chance to win and the audience will see an interesting fight.

“Why Habib did not return to America? As far as I understand, at this time it was not allowed there. We had permission to take almost the President. Habib says. Maybe they didn’t want the battle was closed, no spectators. I don’t think Khabib is scared of Ferguson,” said Shangareev.

April 1, Nurmagomedov has announced that the title fight with Ferguson, which was to be held on April 18 in new York as part of the main event of UFC 249, canceled because he can’t get out of Russia in connection with the quarantine for pandemic coronavirus.

April 6, UFC President Dana white confirmed that Nurmagomedov will not be able to participate in the tournament. Later he declared that the Russians in a battle with Ferguson will replace Geti. However, on 10 April, the UFC announced the cancellation of the tournament due to the coronavirus.

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