In the process of creating charging stations of electric vehicles today involved dozens of companies from USA, Australia, China, Europe. Among them Tesla, the world’s largest automakers — BMW, Ford, Volkswagen and others.

By 2020 their will be jointly launched by the European network IONITY, consisting of 400 charging stations in Germany, Norway and Austria. In accordance with the project to ensure maximum accessibility of the station will be located on busy highways and in densely populated urban areas.

They are ready to join the largest German electrical company E. ON and the Danish automotive provider is CLEVER, which jointly build the “electric highway” — a network of charging stations from Norway to Italy. In the next three years will be set 180 such stations with a capacity of 150 kW each.

The aim of the project is to make the process of charging electric vehicles as easy and affordable as filling up at normal gas stations. E. ON and CLEVER build 160 stations, and the remaining 20 – Norwegian service network YX.

The European Commission has already allocated for the project is 10 million euros. The first station will be in Germany and Denmark, they are from 2 to 6 chargers. As the representatives of E. ON, each charger will provide a charge of 400 kilometers on average for 20-30 minutes. Exact charging time will depend on the type of car and capacity of its batteries.

Source — Eon