Residents of China’s most devastating consequence of global climate shift has admitted to flooding. And joined the global program “The Sponge City Initiative”, which has already 30 major Chinese cities began to develop “spongy architecture.” Its main task is to accumulate and control the movement of large-scale precipitation.

The best success is achieved in the city of LINGANG, where $119 million already built roads with water-permeable coating and water-Park green area. And there, and there laid system for collecting, filtering and storing water the city can recycle almost everything that comes from heaven. There are a lot of plants b never a drought, but the humidity is maintained at a certain comfortable level.

How exactly to implement the concept of “city lips”, deal with authorities, taking into account the specifics of the region. For this program, China has allocated $12 billion, but this money only 20 % of the required amount. The rest will pay large business, who will be the main beneficiary of the venture. It is believed that by 2020, 80 % of urban districts of the country will be able to effectively recycle 70% of all precipitation.

The achievements of the Chinese people envy the residents of Houston, the city that this summer literally drowned from the rain brought by hurricanes. Or in Berlin where I would like to solve the problem of drinking water for the population before it reaches catastrophic levels. But experts agree in opinion that all this is just decorative, temporary measures. And change really need not the appearance of cities, and climate on the planet, until it was too late.

Source — Business Insider