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Estonia for fighting with Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass will give Ukraine decommissioned Makarov pistols

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Estonia Ukraine to supply about 2400 Makarov pistols for fighting with Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass. “With this supply we support our allies, who for six years was in a state of war,” – said the Minister of defence of Estonia Yuri Luik, quoted by DW. According to him, the guns will be delivered to Ukraine at the request of Kiev and handed over to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Makarov pistols, which were developed in Soviet times and produced to this day, are no longer used by the Estonian army because they did not meet the standard caliber small arms of the NATO countries. The representative of the armed forces of Estonia, however, stressed that these guns, “without any doubt, will be an important component to equip the Ukrainians with weapons.”

In February of this year the Department of the Estonian intelligence said that Russia is increasing its military potential in Europe and may be a preemptive strike against the States in the Baltic States. Implementing such a scenario deter the fears of Moscow to incur retaliation from NATO, but the aggravation of confrontation between Russia and the West or miscalculation can quickly change the threat assessment for Estonia. The Department believes that over the past five years, the security situation in the world deteriorated, the main threat to Estonia still comes from Russia, whose leadership was “taking aggressive action against the democratic world order”.

The report refers to the strengthening of the Russian military potential in Europe, the military balance in the region is in favor of Moscow. As an example of this imbalance, they result in an accommodation close to the Lithuanian and Estonian borders of missiles, ballistic missiles, short-range “Iskander”. Such weapons are not allowed no European country, a member of NATO. It is also noted that Russia seeks to slow down the integration of Kiev into the European structures and continued active intervention in the internal Affairs of neighboring countries – Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to the Estonian intelligence service, the Kremlin “did nothing” and in order to resolve the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine, where for many years operating a Pro-Russian armed groups fighting under the flags of the DNI and LC.

According to the Estonian intelligence service, the Kremlin’s policies still define the stereotypes of the era of Stalinism. Moscow believes that the armed conflict with the West is inevitable, and it is only a matter of time. The preparations for this war is widely and accompanied by a militarization of society: the constant reminder about the threat of war also mobilize the society against an external enemy to distract from domestic political and legal, economic and social problems.