Son of the Vice-President of the company “Roshen” is suspected of drug smuggling, money laundering, fraud and promotion of prostitution.
Illustration – Photo UNIAN

British and Cypriot courts accept to consider two cases, defendants in which the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his inner circle Oleg Gladkovsky, Igor Kononenko, Julius Gringos and Ivan Zaytsev. This is stated in the plot of the program “Ukrainian sensations” on the channel “1+1”.

It’s one thing for Julia Greenhouse and Ivan Zaytsev, the son of the Vice-President of the company “Roshen” Sergei Zaitsev.

“The head of the company Novans Jets Ivan Zaytsev is suspected of drug smuggling, money laundering, fraud and promotion of prostitution. Allegedly, the elite aircraft Challenger 300 belonging to the Novans Jets in Britain and in Cyprus, drove the bags with non taxed money, drugs and drove the prostitutes.” – say “Ukrainian sensation”.

A defendant in another case is directly the President of Ukraine and the people whom the media called him “the nearest environment” – Oleg Gladkovsky and Igor Kononenko.

According to the materials of the case, which lead to “the Ukrainian sensation”, they are accused of “tax evasion and money laundering through the structure with the assistance of local Ukrainian banks, legal firms in Cyprus and others.”

“The lawsuit appears firm Hesute Ltd, registered Gladkowski in 2008. It turns out that a number of firms-strips, they worked with the Russian “Motoreductor” (SV Motorinvest LLC) and “Tekhnoproekt” (Technoproekt LTD).

Also featured the based Gladkowski, Vehicles Distribution Holding, Camarin Limited, and Autoretail Holding Ltd. In addition, the Cypriot company of Petro Poroshenko, through the British company Springdelete and Cypriot Chartomena works with the Russian “Krakhmaloproduktam”. – said in the story.

As previously reported the edition “Mirror of Week” in the United States of America also opened criminal cases, which investigated the facts of abuse of people from the team Poroshenko. First and foremost, the withdrawal of money from the country in large scale and laundering through offshore companies.