Almost 100 years ago, French designer Georges Roy has thoroughly redefined the concept of the classic two-wheeled motorcycle, in which the light appeared Majestic.

It was a brand new car with a low chassis, where the body performs the function of a cosmetic covering for engine, transmission, front and rear wheels. The unusual configuration of the steering control gave the opportunity to get rid of the traditional plugs and to operate controls through the case.

Electric motorcycle Fuller 2029 Majestic is a modern incarnation of the ideas of Georges Roy. The concept of a futuristic bike-to-order Texas Haas Moto Museum was developed by designer Bryan fuller of Fuller Moto of the company.

Like his predecessor, Fuller 2029 Majestic almost completely “wrapped” in an aerodynamic aluminum body and feature a centered steering.

Everything else is a product of the most modern technologies. So, titanium parts, chassis, front arm stabilizer and rudder is made by 3D-printing a transparent wheel without spokes with a diameter of 23 inches of reinforced polycarbonate.

The electrical component represented by an electric motor, battery and transmission Zero Motorcycles FXS, which provides motorcycle power 34 kW, a maximum speed of 135 km/h and mileage of 160 km.

Place of the presentation of the Fuller 2029 Majestic will be the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show – valid from 2014 showroom, where the exhibited motorcycles individually handcrafted.

Source — Clean Fleet Report