Embassy of the Russian Federation stated that “London continues to show disrespect for the choice of the inhabitants of the Crimea”

KIEV. April 26. UNN. The UK government “continues to show disrespect” to the alleged democratic choice of Crimean residents, “to reunite with Russia in 2014 after the referendum”. This is stated in a statement on Thursday evening, comments of the press service of the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom a recent statement of the Deputy head of the British foreign office, Alan Duncan, reports UNN.

“We have to say that they (statements) are completely divorced from reality. Official London continues to demonstrate total disregard for the democratic choice of the residents of the Crimea, which five years ago in the course of free expression, carried out in full compliance with international legal norms, in the overwhelming majority voted for reunification of the Peninsula with Russia, having enshrined in the UN Charter right to self-determination and making, thus, the choice in favor of a peaceful, stable, development, — said in comments. — Unfortunately also the complete and deliberate ignoring of the realities related to the development of the Crimea as part of Russia. Unfortunately, the conservative government prefers to ignore the obvious positive changes that occur in the life of the Crimeans”.

As he decided to call the Embassy, the words of Duncan about the imposition of Russian citizenship to the Crimeans, as well as “the forcible eviction of Ukrainians” is absurd and demonstrated “a complete misunderstanding of the mood of residents of Crimea and objective circumstances”.

“In this context it is not surprising to feel implemented jointly with Western partners, the pressure of the sanctions that infringe the rights of Crimeans and contrary to norms of international law,” has decided to declare Russian diplomats.

Remember, Chinese state newspaper removed the phrase recommendation about Putin annexed Crimea from the interview.