Germany the UN has criticized Russia for trying to intimidate Zelensky

KIEV. April 26. UNN. The permanent representative of Germany to the UN, Christoph Heusgen during a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine has accused Russia of trying to intimidate elected President Vladimir Zelensky, the correspondent of UNN.

“Basil, I listened to a General statement and I have to say that I’m always impressed by Russian diplomacy. I think the University you have probably have certain textbooks with certain models that are used in foreign policy? Our Polish colleague already spoke about the politics of certification you carried out regularly, there are other examples,” — said the diplomat.

He said that in the foreign service of Germany, when learning how to approach the country where the relationship can be complex and when there is a President with whom the best relationships — and then comes a new person to this post, send him a rhetorical flowers, send a letter of congratulations invite you to come for a visit.

“Russia can do the same. There is a new President, you always said that you still can’t work. Now elected a new one, and you could also send some kind of rhetorical flowers. Said we will make the first point of the Minsk agreements — a complete cease-fire; or, on this occasion, we will release 24 of the seaman; or bridge in Stanitsa Luganskaya. But it is not recorded in the textbooks of the University,” said Heusgen.

“In the textbooks of MGIMO says that when a new, inexperienced leader, you need to try to intimidate him, and the first day after the election to provoke him and capture him off guard. It was done. This is a textbook diplomacy”, he added.

As reported UNN, the UN started talking about sanctions against the Kremlin for certification of residents of Donbass.