Surfboards fitted with electric motors are gaining popularity, and even their substantial price does not scare lovers on the water surface with the wind.

YuJet Surfer – electroself, developed by the team, which included designers, engineers and professional surfers. According to one of its co-founders Jeremy Schneiderman, “We spent years working to create a product able to carry forward water sports”.

YuJet Surfer can accelerate to 40 km/h. Its body is made of carbon fiber and lithium-ion battery provides 40-minute run on a single charge. The movement provides the water-jet motor that will not create noise and harmful emissions.

Wireless controller allows you to adjust the speed, which is especially important for beginners. According to the developers, for the development of YuJet Surfer is about five minutes.

Elektrosert easily disassembled without tools. Additionally it is possible to purchase a replacement battery, a charger and a set of wheels for transportation on land. Is YuJet Surfer 9999 dollars.

Source — YuJet