This Sunday, March 31, in Ukraine elections of the President this day appointed as the first round of voting for candidates. Elections of the President of Ukraine 2019 – all the news about the elections 2019. The ratings of candidates in presidents of Ukraine 2019, the results of the vote

We will remind, on December 31, 2018, the CEC announced the start of
presidential campaign, and then began the submission of documents candidates for
registration. To participate in the presidential race will be 39 candidates, reports

At the election of the Ukrainian leader in this year’s budget
allocated 2.4 billion hryvnia. Note that each candidate shall Deposit
the amount of 2.5 million hryvnia, which in the case of loss will not be returned.

The seventh election of the President consists of key stages,
which include registration, voting dates and announcement of results.

The main thing about the election 2019
Date of end of registration of candidates – February 9, 2019
Date of first round – 31st March 2019
Date of the second round on 21 April 2019
The start of the electoral campaign and registration of candidates – 31 Dec 2018
Polling stations will work from 8: 00 to 20:00
This is the seventh presidential elections in Ukraine
In the state budget for the elections pledged 2.4 billion UAH
Candidates need to pay 2.5 million UAH Deposit which is at loss not returned
The inauguration sostoitsa until June 3
A list of all candidates in presidents of Ukraine

The election process will be carried out by
secret ballot Ukrainians, who have reached the age of 18. On
the polling station you must bring proof of your identity and
citizenship – a passport or other document.

Polling stations will be open from 8:00 to
20:00 at the place of residence in all settlements of the country. The time and place
a vote indicated on your invitation to the polls.

The election campaign will end today at midnight
On March 29 and tomorrow Saturday, March 30, the day of silence.

“Диалог.UA” will hold an online broadcast of the first
election day – you will be aware of the main and current news, are the first to know
comments and opinions of experts, and will also see pictures and video from
polling stations.

Earlier in Ukraine
told what to be ready on the day of the presidential election.

We will remind, the journalist
Lytvyn called the main problem of Tymoshenko, in which she loses the election.

As reported,
journalist Yanina Sokolova told who to be
to vote in the election, surprising announcement of his “career in Parliament.”