In Ukraine on 30 March, outlined a number of activities in support of International Earth hour.
Ukrainians are encouraged to think about nature and to turn off the electricity for an hour / photo: UNIAN

Today, the Ukrainians along with the world will celebrate international Earth hour. The event aimed to support the ecology and conservation of the biological diversity of our planet.

It is noteworthy that Earth Hour 2019 in Ukraine, occurred on Saturday, March 30, and will be held on the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine. UNIAN figured out what is the essence and the meaning of the action.

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Earth hour – what is it

The campaign was created by the world wildlife Fund, WWF over a decade ago. In the framework of the International Earth hour Fund urges all concerned earthlings to turn off lights for one hour, thus showing concern for environmental issues.

The first Earth Hour was held in Sydney, Australia in 2007 – then the light at the time was off more than two million homes and organizations. Already in 2008, the event became international, it was joined by more than 100 million people in 35 countries.

The action connected administrations of cities and governments in all corners of the globe. In Earth Hour turns off even illumination of the most famous world monuments.

In 2019, the international Earth hour will be held for the thirteenth time. The main idea of the campaign is the call to “Catch the relationship with the Land” (Connect2Earth). She emphasizes that humanity began to lose touch with his home planet and needs to be restored.

In the International Earth hour 2019 a variety of environmental demonstrations, quests, and events.

Earth hour 2019 in Ukraine

According to information on the website of WWF in Ukraine on 30 March is planned a number of activities in support of Earth Hour. Environmental actions announced in Kiev and the region, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, Lviv, Odessa, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.

So, in Kiev in Earth Hour the light will be turned off in the building of the KSCA, as well as in major Metropolitan shopping center “Gulliver”.

In addition, residents and guests of the capital are invited to the concert in honor of Earth Hour. It is noted that the event will be switched off all electrical appliances – a classical music concert will be held by candlelight.

The concert will be held in Dom Kino (Saksaganskogo street, 6), entrance fee.

In Vinnytsia on the occasion of Earth Day turn off the illumination of the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. In addition, the planned series of events:

– Eco-educational event “Clean Saburov – clean planet”;

– master class in weaving mats of the Total (30 March at 14:30, in the HUB “Misto SMTP”);

– Acoustic concert “Music in the dark.” The concert will be preceded by a discussion on “Earth Hour in Vinnytsia” (30 March at 19:00 in the bounds of Cherdak).

In Lviv in Earth Hour will shut off the backlight of the St. George’s Cathedral, the city hall tower in the High castle and many other historic buildings. In the city center everyone will be able to join the candle illumination.

Shut off the light and in the heart of Odessa –Primorsky Boulevard, Dumskaya square and of the city Council, Katerininska square, Deribasovskaya street and other Central streets of the city.

In addition, WWF in Ukraine together with Impact Hub Odessa invite everyone to a thematic evening dedicated to the Earth Hour. The collection is scheduled for 19:15.

In Kharkov will be turned off backlight Holy Annunciation Cathedral, the square near Kharkiv national academic theater of Opera and ballet. M. V. Lysenko, the Constitution square.

Activists of the WWF will hold on 30 March, the number of shares in Ukraine / photo Unionas earth – harmful?

International Earth hour has found millions of supporters around the world. However, some people think that it is rather harmful or even dangerous.

Online you can find the view that a massive power outage with consumers creates an unexpected power surge, leads to additional wear of the equipment of power grids and increased fuel consumption. Critics of the action claim that these factors eventually bring even more harm to the environment.

At the same time, energy specialists have long dispelled these concerns because turning off lights and equipment even in the hundreds of thousands of apartments to the grid is barely noticeable hesitation.

Organizers stress that the campaign is not aimed at saving energy and is symbolic.