The famous Russian sports commentator Dmitry
Guberniev in one of his interviews, rossm said as closely followed
the situation with coronavirus in Russia and sees that the situation enough
difficult. However, he trusts what they say Russian doctors and politicians.

According to him, in the regions take very difficult decisions
the abolition of quarantine measures during a pandemic. However, he understands that Russia and
so going downhill, and ahead of the economic hole because of this situation.

Province stresses that the government has any economic
fork, we need to support both people and business.

However, he believes that the most important thing is people’s lives, but in
Russian life has always been a penny, and on holidays. At least in the last
time, in his opinion, the situation has changed, but not by much.

Earlier, another well-known Russian commentator Vasily Utkin said that the occupation and annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea
The Russian Federation was nothing but a big historical mistake
Vladimir Putin.

Earlier it was reported that during the day, the number of new infected with the coronavirus in Russia increased by another 4 268. Thus, the number of
cases in Russia has reached 47 121. The most difficult situation in Moscow.

Prior to that, head of the Kremlin TV channel Russia Today
Margarita Simonyan was in the midst of a large scandal, after allegations
the plans are free to deprive the Russians the blood after the treatment of coronavirus.