Environment. Astana. This exercise is solved, you will play a Thursday Mykyta BURDA. Photo: fcdynamo.kiev.ua

Explorer “SE” in Ukraine” – about how Dynamo overcame after a long flight to Astana the discomfort of jet lag, and today intends to cope with the main competitor in the group of the Europa League on unfamiliar artificial turf


from Astana

Unlike Gregory Babayan, who replaces Roman Grigorchuk on the post of coach of “Astana”, and in fact – the whole fall has been chief coach Alexander Khatskevich make jokes about the team’s victory in the Europa League is not configured.

His Kazakh counterpart, dodging predictions for the upcoming match, thoughtlessly promises to run in the event of winning the European Cup in the street in your underwear. The coach of “Dynamo” is configured to move the team up in the standings dressed and step by step.


The fifth step in the group stage were Arsenal have thoroughly thought out – starting with the decision to not fly to Astana on Wednesday afternoon, as did the losing here, “Rennes” and “Jablonec”, and in the night from Tuesday. Players after five hours in the air sleepy: a hasty supper, they fell asleep still on the Kiev time, the rise – already announced in Astana.

The issue of adaptation to the Asian time zone has been solved radically, but effectively: in the morning the Dynamo felt completely at ease. Not too hard and was scaring the forecasts frost below minus ten degrees, the thermometer here does not fall these days, even at night, and in the evening on the day of the match promise zero temperature.


However, whether behind the walls of the arena even minus twenty, a match that would not affected. The rules do not allows you to play European Cup meeting at temperatures below minus fifteen (coldest in my memory was in Minsk at the match “Dinamo” and BATE there to cancel is not enough just a couple degrees), but inside the “Astana Arena” today will be thanks to the climate control no less than twelve. The press officer UEFA have seen this with me yesterday with a pocket thermometer.

The secret is in the sliding roof, which is open from April to September and closed – strictly speaking, make the stadium to the arena. It is clear that the pitch at this stage there can be only synthetic, but that UEFA had issued her a certificate, grass should be latest generation. Tried to walk on the edge of the field: feeling close to natural.


However, the value in this case are not my feelings, and the opinion of players. Talk to them after training, no chance, and before her Denis Boyko assured that the problems with synthetics should arise. The main goalkeeper Khatskevich led yesterday with a press conference, once again in support of the after a bad game in the Premier League.

Hardly have improved the mood of the Boyko question of Kazakh journalists about who is still stronger – “Alexandria” or “Astana”, from which (it is said another reporter) the goalkeeper missed the “Olympic” two goals. Denis in response signed in full respect for the upcoming opponent, making it clear that any comparison is meaningless: the real power will play.


The Khatskevich about the unpleasant Parallels has resembled its journalists, saying that we lost the same on artificial turf more than a year ago, “young boys”. Coach of Kiev found the strength to smile and to remind you that playing then with the Swiss in the group stage of Europa League, Kiev to Berne synthetics adapted without difficulty. And in Astana the main thing – to learn from the very first minute.

If the coach is in a better mood, we certainly would have heard from him as the team celebrated the 25th birthday of Benjamin Verbicha. And so Khatskevich cautiously noted that it was within the traditional framework. Usually, we will add already from myself, the birthday boy gets from partners t-shirt signed by all players and… a few good kicks as the hero of the occasion joking pass at the first opportunity through the system.


Whether it was yesterday – history is silent. For the press was opened only the first quarter of an hour, during which much more important to understand the condition of Mykyta Burda. One, it is worth Recalling, got a muscle injury in training in the national team doctors believe that this was due to the hardships recently excessive loads.

It yesterday’s session in Astana, after the one held in Kiev training with the main group was for Burda testing. The player himself looked exclusively focused, and the partners had the feeling that all the forces trying to cheer him up. But really to cheer up the defender could only insights coaching and medical staff. Plus, of course, their own feelings…

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