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Explorer “SE” in Ukraine” studied mood Dynamo Kiev ahead of the crucial match


from Concha Zaspa

“And you, benny, the song did not sing,” the handing Benjamin Verbic white t-shirt with the seventh number, Alexander Khatskevich smiled and even winked at the player. The Slovenian rookie a chance to try such things in training camp – and, incidentally, not only in sparring, but in a Sunday League match with Marseille.

However, in Marbella combined with a dedication dinner in the Dynamo, where the Ukrainian recruits performed “warriors of light”, and Josip Vida – some Croatian hit, he was absent because of a cold.

Verbic said Dynamo translated to us by the breeder for the Balkan region by Berislav stanojevica a short speech about how happy to be in a big family, which he sees Kiev club. And in the end regretfully added that it was in the debut game all the chances to score, but missed the opportunity. Khatskevich smiled not so sad as Sunday after the match with “Olimpik”.


The presentation of the winter newcomers, among which were rented until the end of the season, Dennis Boyko, began with a small delay: delayed first theory lesson, and then had to wait for Carlos Zambrano. Peruvian decided to go for a couple of minutes in my room to napolnit the already perfectly coiffed hair.

Languishing in the waiting, Verbic and Ruslan rotan began as a joke to correct hairstyles to each other, but noticing that they are sent to the camera lens, suddenly became somber. “Russian talk soon?” – rented “Ruby” Zambrano not only understood given the head coach a question, but replied almost without an accent: “I don’t really…”


Rotan picked for an official comment is quite correct tactics: promises to manifest itself not in word but in deed. Instantly cutting off questions about the return to “Dynamo” after ten years of age – in games where the acting captain appeared on the field, doubts that the skill is still with him, remains.

Artem Shabanov in front of the microphone while feeling not as confident as on the field, but that will come with time. At times it seems that he, a graduate of Dynamo’s Academy, still believe in the reality of the situation: a home club, he returned later the same ten years, and rotan. But when he first came to the capital club established player, Shabanov fifteen years passed in the Academy of Arsenal.


The newcomers went to get ready for training, a few minutes later they were joined by Viktor Tsygankov, completing the reporters that missed due to injury half the fees in any way on its current form, is not affected. However, there are better words spoken of the matter: two goals are scored by “Dinamo” in the February official matches, just on his account.

Glancing at the clock, Khatskevich told us that derlis Gonzalez, Nikolay Shaparenko and Denys Harmash, who’s taken a beating on my legs in the game with Marseille, on Tuesday in the ranks and preparing for the second match with AEK along with all. Pivaric, returned to Kyiv and started training, but in the main group it worked yesterday for the first time after the break.


Well, Dieumerci Mbokani, before the match in Athens who confessed to coach that play is not ready, has left for a long time. According to the results of Monday’s examination, it became clear that a full-fledged training Congolese striker will be able to return, except that after two or three weeks. As explained Khatskevich: “it is a serious situation…”

All other players core holder went to evening training. Yevhen Khacheridi, as always in the cold season, with a Cup of steaming tea. However, after the first SIP he gave the tea to Stanoevich and slowly walked to the middle of the field. There have already discussed something in a low voice Khatskevich and Mykola Morozyuk. And at the very edge smartly sidestepped the reporter a mocking feint, agreeing to an interview, but only after a workout.

Despite the fact that a quarter of an hour later the press was asked to leave…

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