Video during during the “tomato fights” in Spain managed to destroy 160 tons of tomatoes

For the purchase of tomatoes has spent 36 million euros


About 22 thousand people took part in the annual tomato fighting festival of La Tomatina in the Spanish town of buñol, in which it was used 160 tons of tomatoes. It is reported by the European true with reference to El Pais.

Spanish tomato fights took place in the 72nd time.

The organizers of the festival of La Tomatina, which is classified in Spain as international tourist interest, has spent 36 thousand euros for the purchase of tomatoes from 140 thousand Euro total budget for the festival.

About 65% of the participants of the festival were foreigners from almost all over Europe, from the United States, Japan, India, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and even more exotic places like the island of GUAM.

Given the recent terrorist attack in Barcelona, the security at the festival was provided by 700 people.

La Tomatina (Spanish La Tomatina) is an annual festival that takes place on the last Wednesday of August in the Spanish town of buñol (Valencia). During the festival the participants throw each other tomatoes.