Company Burger King has launched a new loyalty program that uses its own virtual currency Peppercoin. The program is valid only on the territory of Russia and on the blockchain-platform Waves. Waves allows its users to share and trade blockchain tokens that have real inalienable value.

Specially for this program was released one billion Coppermine, and now Burger King customers will receive one koinu for each ruble spent in eateries that network. Subsequently, they can convert 1700 Coppermine one signature Whopper Burger. Although “hamburger restaurants cryptocurrency” is mostly a joke, she can share and trade on the exchange like any other cryptocurrency.

The company plans to release a special app to control Coppermine that will appear in the Apple Store and Google Play in September. As they say representatives of Burger King, “Now the Whopper – it’s not just the Burger that is loved in over 90 countries, but also an investment instrument”. And although the strategy of eating a Burger today in order to get financial independence tomorrow, it seems a bit far-fetched – but free hamburgers will surely find its share of fans.