The second part of the championship of Ukraine began with the teams ‘ second six.

And opened the program of the 23rd round of the “Dnepr” and “Star”. Their confrontation was pretty persistent and about equal, but still the hosts looked a little better. They eventually celebrated the victory that gave them a goal Nagiyev.

Young midfielder “Dnepr” scored in the 32nd minute, a cross at the far post canopy Vlad. Well, the players of “Stars” can only lament about missed chances. Even in the opening Sitalo blew clean out one by one, tightening with shock.

Then, shortly after the goal Nagiyev, he failed to beat the goalkeeper of “Dnepr” Lunin, and then the goalkeeper made a save after a threat of strike Bacula from the middle distance.

Has not helped “the Star” and a numerical advantage, which they got after removing Kozhushko 80 minutes (roughly met Pereira). At least Dnipro confidently enough kept the defense, and in the end kept the victorious account.

Note that the victory over the “Star” allowed “Dnipro” match with Karpaty in scoring. At Dnipro and Lviv, who will play their game tomorrow (at home against “Steel”), now by 13 points. Lower in the standings – only “Volyn”.


DNIPRO – 1:0 (1:0)

Goal: Nagiyev (32).

Dnepr: Lunin, Lunev (Cheberko, 73), Loperena, One, Nagiyev, Rotan, Kogut (Kochergin, 69), Doubek (Kozhushko, 74), Field, Adamyuk, Vlad.

Star: Pastes, Popov (Sbun, 70), Ekiza, Polehenko, Zagalski (Chichikov, 46), Fateev, Sitalo (Ezeala, 54), Bacula, Lupasco, Drachenko, Pereira.

Warning: Vlad (86) – Popov (17), Bacula (43), Drachenko (59), Fateev (87).

Removal: Kozhushko (80).