The stadium “Chernomorets” in the early spring. Photo: facebook

The lawn of the stadium “Chernomorets” at the end of season 2016/17 will be completely replaced.

It has become useless due to improper supervision and weather cataclysms football field will give way to a new lawn.

As it became known “SE”, immediately after the last match of the present championship (may 26 the sailors will play against Zorya Luhansk) at the main sports arena of the city will begin work to replace the lawn.

By the time pre-grown in Holland and rolling lawns will be transferred to the Odessa region by order of FC “Balkans”, which is improving their football infrastructure through the construction of training fields of the new generation next to the stadium named after Boris Tropica. Knowing does not require a delay, the problem of “Chernomorets”, in the village of dawn decided to help the senior in rank to the club by one of the Dutch lawns.

According to experts from the capital, recently conducted a field inspection of the stadium, its current quality almost negates the possibility of the Odessa international matches. This fact cannot but worry no of FC “Chernomorets”, who intend to break into the Europa League, nor the staff of the national team, still considering Odessa as an option for one of the qualifying matches for the 2018 world Cup.

The practice of laying sod lawns in Ukraine is not new. Its technology is very simple, but requires compliance with specific recommendations. To ensure that the lawn has taken root, need high-quality soil preparation – in particular, careful alignment and seal. After laying new pavement needs abundant watering for two to three weeks, and then watering can be done in moderate mode. By following these recommendations, the Dutch experts give a guarantee that in the first decade of July the new green lawn is fully ready for the matches of the season 2017/18.

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Ekspress in Ukraine