The Minister of transport of Russia Yevgeny Dietrich gave a forecast on the timing of the recovery of the airline industry.

  • © Alexander Astafyev
  • RIA Novosti

He said that ICAO was transferred to the Ministry of transport summary report, showing how the potential to recover air.

“There are two possible scenarios: V-shaped recovery, which shows that now air travel almost stopped”, — quotes RIA Novosti Dietrich.

He said that in this format Russia in the end of the year will be able to recover the monthly volume of transportations in comparison with last year, but as the Minister said, “in General, due to the downturn in the middle of the year, the industry will potentially lose half of the passenger traffic, which was scheduled for this year.”

“If last year we moved 128 million passengers, the V-shaped years — about 60 million passengers per year”, — he explained.

According to him, is “optimistic”.

“The forecast which we call basic, it is U-shaped. That is, we some time lie down, and, accordingly, if we begin intensive flying, not in July, and in the fall, then potentially we’ll move a quarter of the volume of passenger traffic, which was last year, and finally restore the industry by September of next year,” added Dietrich.

Previously, Dietrich expressed the hope that the opening of international flights in the summer.

The head of the Internet portal Roman Gusarov in an interview with Nation News gave a forecast on the restoration of air links.