Alexander Khomchenko (photos

Died pastor Alexander Khomchenko, who went through the torture of militants of the DNR terrorist organization. About it reports Radio Freedom.

Khomchenko was 59 years. The last time he was leading the worship in Marinka.

To start a hybrid war in the Donbas Khomchenko was the pastor of the Protestant Church in Donetsk.

“Khomchenko – one of the organizers of the “prayer revolution” in Donetsk and, according to him, was leading the worship, even when “Russian tanks have entered Donetsk”. After one of the worship Khomchenko was arrested. Nine days he was held in the occupied building of the regional Department of the MIA of the Donetsk and later in the shelter of the military Commissariat of Makeyevka”, – stated in the message.

After liberation, Alexander Khomchenko, told the human rights defenders center for civil liberties, he was beaten and tortured, in particular on the rack. Khomchenko stressed then that he was tortured by representatives of the Russian intelligence.

“When I was up on the rack and put the mask in the eyes darkened. I felt that I was losing consciousness and instinctively took a deep breath into the lungs, and they put cotton wool with ammonia. Then off the tap, and then opened the hose was immersed in water, ” said the pastor Khomchenko.

27 Dec 2017 major exchange in the Ukraine-controlled territory were transported 73 hostages, the militants of Kiev gave 233 requested by them. One of the freed – 74-I decided to stay with the family on the temporarily uncontrolled territory.

The DNI and LC – terrorist organizations seized with the support of the Russian Federation of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. Both organizations created, funded and maintained by Russia, where, among other things, the terrorists are getting fighters, trainers, and heavy equipment, weapons, ammunition, and fuel.

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