On the YouTube channel of the famous film Director David Lynch has a new video called “Rabbits 1” (Rabbit, 1 series). Apparently, this reissue of the eerie TV series from 20 years ago. Then the General public was able to see eight series, the web series for unknown reasons disappeared from the network.

“Rabbits” – a media product in typical David Lynch style. The Director takes a very high-quality thrillers, so frightening and unnerving, what psychologists sometimes use them to shock therapy to evoke a sense of existential dread in patients. The plot of the series is built around a family of humanoid rabbits who live in a city where it always rains, and above all that prevails is a kind of terrible secret.

Judging by the number of “1” in the title, we are talking about the first series, so you can expect and others. Whether reissued the whole series, or filmed the new series is still unknown. Not so long ago, during the quarantine, Lynch has produced a number of videos said that working on new projects. It is likely the Rabbits among them.

Source — David Lynch