Dangerous routes of students from different countries

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Unfortunately, there are on our planet are places where education is a big luxury and only because the usual road to school becomes a very dangerous event. Due to the difficult nature of the terrain and the remote location of some small settlements, children have to overcome unthinkable difficult routes and enormous distances to get to school. View shocking footage of dangerous school routes and show this horror to children, so they can see what efforts make their peers to gain knowledge.

1. Gangwan village of Guizhou province (China)

Every day the village children overcome a dangerous path through mountainous terrain, passing each other at a very narrow path carved into the rock, the maximum clinging to the rocks. And also have to go through hanging blocks in the tunnel. Every morning the Director of the school collects children and brings them through all these obstacles, and in the evening the same way back accompanies.

2. The village of Batu Busuk in Sumatra (Indonesia)

20 students of the village every day crossing a very dangerous metal cable that was left after the suspension bridge over the river, and then go nearly 10 miles through the woods to get to the city of Padang, where is their school.
This way they do already for two years because the old bridge after heavy rains fell and the new government began to do just after this photo was released.

3. The village of Suro and Planungen on the island of Java (Indonesia)

As the bridge between the two banks was never built, the residents of the two villages have to cross to the other side on the water supply. Students will use such a dangerous method of transportation in order to save time. After all, if you go on the road, then it will take more than two hours.

4. The village Sangsan in Tanjung (Indonesia)

The children of the village crossing the river by emergency suspension bridge to get to their school. Even though it is a dangerous path, but the shortest, because the other bridge is located three kilometres from their village. When the media showed such a dangerous road to knowledge, there were companies and organizations that began to build a new and safe crossing of the river Seberang to children’s lives were not endangered.

5. Village Rizal (Philippines)

Students from this village uses ordinary inflated inner tube to swim to get to school. Such extreme water journey takes about an hour and that’s with good weather conditions. Well, in the period of bad weather or floods, they simply do not attend school. The villagers is not the first seek from the authorities the construction of the bridge, in the meantime, their children are risking their lives floating on makeshift boats to get knowledge.