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Madeira Kiev was limited to a draw


from Funchal

The most famous native Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo held in Funchal-only twelve years, then going to Lisbon to win the Academy “sporting”, but the locals have learned to profit from every little thing you can to monetize was sufficient and this fact.

It seems to be not to say that reigns on the island located in the Atlantic much closer to Africa than to Europe, the cult of football. However, when you exit the airport that bears his name, you are unlikely to pass by lurid bust Cristiano, not making a selfie with him, and strolling along the promenade in the centre of Funchal – be sure to stop at the visible complex with a huge sign CR7, which includes a restaurant, a hotel, company store, but the Museum Ronaldo.

Even if you don’t go inside to look at his photos and be done with Cristiano with the interactive program combines photos with a statue of the player in full growth, as unlike the original as airport bust, certainly capture himself. Visit Madeira and not do a single frame with the reincarnation of Ronaldo – a mauvais ton not to try for lunch fried fish-a sword with a glass of Madeira, and for Breakfast or dinner – exotic fruits with striking local diversity of the market.


Think about work in this Paradise is difficult. Proven even Portuguese teams arriving here for the championship matches. What about foreign: Viktor Goncharenko, who brought in Funchal BATE, admitted this frankly. Dynamo Kiev did her best to say, do not even go to mandatory on trips a joint trip. In the individual order. walking out to located nearby the famous beach with black basalt sand. But at the meeting, assured reporters: all thoughts – only about the upcoming game.

The starting lineup of Kiev was predictable for most items. After the last time didn’t go to check out Josip Vida, who frankly confessed to Alexander Khatskevich that does not feel ready to match that level of importance, there are only two questions: Tomas KENDZERA or Mykola Morozyuk on the right edge of defence and Victor Tsygankov or derlis Gonzalez on the left in midfield? The choice was made, as one would expect, in favor of experience.

What we had yesterday is not the slightest doubt, because it is in the appearance in the centre of defence domagoj Vida. Last Friday he missed the home match with “Star”, and although the time since then to agree on the terms of the new contract (like, not with “Dynamo”), assured the coach that psychological problems are not allowed to play on in Madeira with full dedication, he is no more.


Abundant watering turned the pitch “shower Barreiros” is not even in the water meadow – Grinenko the quagmire and howling DJ, in different ways pulling the name “Maritim”, was added to the atmosphere even more similarities with anandalakshmi. Brass band from one side of the arena and sector local ultras on the other noise began preparation long before the opening whistle, taking a pause just before the game during the minute of silence.

The first time advantage due to the state of the field owned by the owners, knowing there is every bump. It seemed that to dispossess them is impossible – especially because, had the feeling that not all of the Dynamo players chose proper spikes. Andrei Yarmolenko at the beginning of the failed cross into the box for Vitali Buyalsky, and when a little later, taking a pass from deep, he tried to catch the opponent’s feint, the Dynamo captain corny “go” foot.

Before the people of Kiev managed the first shot on target of target, however, the situation in the realm of Maxim Koval exacerbated Ricardo Valente. First struck from afar – the goalkeeper confidently caught the ball. And when he followed his shot from fifteen meters, sharpness, fired the rebound from Yarmolenko.

With the Dynamo hand source of tension for the opponents was Denys Harmash. Twice his gear is not used Dieumerci Mbokani: at first inaccurately punched his head on goal, then failed to develop promising attack and lost the ball. Having played in the wall with Yarmolenko, Garmash a little later and found himself eye to eye with the Second, but played out.


We probably would be talking about the game Harmash in the first half in complimentary colours, if not one circumstance: when, in the middle of the field he rigidly stuck by the thorns, it had almost the whole team to hold conversation with the referee. The yellow card was eventually discharged not only was booked, joão Gamboa, but the victim. Moreover, the opponents drew conclusions – and the Eber Bessa has Garmash back of the legs. Like not much, but enough to provoke a response.

Garmash in this environment, was the first candidate to replace, however, Khatskevich (it is possible that the wizard is concise, compelling and educational conversations Oleg Luzhny) was able to cool down in the locker room the excessive heat of the player, leaving the composition unchanged. Garmash reward that trust with cannon shot from thirty feet – weird, even as a goalkeeper with the fingertips was able to translate flying the ball under the crossbar for a corner.

It happened at the end of the quarter hours of the second half. And the game resumed from an acute attack of Dynamo, consisting of a series of gears and ricochets. The sample included in the penalty area, Yarmolenko gets in a shot. his shot could not cope. But was followed by an extra transfer on Mbokani, who was in an offside position.

Palosanto and half chances from both sides was enough. We will note confident game of Koval first after a cross from the flank, and then at the exit of the Everton one-on-one when the goalkeeper coolly took possession of the ball in their feet and others, the blow slightly does not calculate the trajectory Valente and acute canopy Yarmolenko, Mbokani closing which the emphasis is to head the ball into the goalkeeper.


The game in the second half of which the judge is compensated as much as five minutes, Dynamo were in the minority: Yevhen Khacheridi in the first nine minutes got two yellow cards. But ten of the visitors looked more active: worth a pass tamás kádár, after which Mbokani again hit the Keeper – now spread-eagled on the line…

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