Victor Kovalenko. Photo:

The Shakhtar midfielder Viktor Kovalenko answered questions from the media.

– Viktor, what is Shakhtar preparing for the clash with Marseille?

– As always, we collect the best condition to approach the match in readiness.

– “Olympians” in the current season is not missed. You already have a plan to open up the opposition defence?

– Know about this, but want to achieve an important victory and score as much as we need anything.

– In last season’s meeting with Marseille proved to be difficult. How to change the opponent?

Is a strong team with a good flank attackers. We will try to win, because then the “Olympians” took a lot of points.

– President of Olympique de Marseille promised their players a higher premium. You will not have a lack of motivation?

– No. We want to continue to win.

What do you feel the rocking of a situation with match “Mariupol” and “Dynamo”, including the team?

Getting ready for my next game, and the rest of the news don’t pay attention.

– You’re in the line of attack, but in the new season to score a goal or give a scoring pass is not obtained. What you need to fix, given the loss of a place in the squad?

– I think that should work to benefit the team and help her win.

– Paulo Fonseca recommended to change something in the game before the start of the championship?

– The coach said that every player of Shakhtar need to work hard to make every effort and fight for the place.

– Last meeting with “Alexandria” and “Steel” was not easy. What’s the matter? You are still gaining form before the Champions League or the opponents are stronger?

– Each opponent does as can. Most of them defended, therefore be very difficult matches. Of course, we haven’t scored the maximum condition. Work and we will try our best to prepare for the Champions League.

– What are your predictions for the matches of our teams in the Europa League?

– I want to wish them victory – after all it is the Ukrainian teams participating in the competition.

– Your favourite position is attacking midfielder. And how comfortable to operate closer to the penalty area?

– Depends on the decision of the coach is where he puts there and perform. But still have the desire to play higher.

– You said 74-th number you got. Don’t want to choose another?

– Not yet thought about it. Perhaps in the next season.