Broadcasters broadcasting English Premier League soccer, intend to hide empty stadiums with artificially created images of fans. This was stated by the representative of the TV channel Sky Sports. According to him, this will help improve the quality of television pictures, until you lifted the ban on visiting arenas. In Belarus and Germany, the place the fans already take their pictures and mannequins.

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Most of the leading European Championships plan to complete interrupted due to coronavirus season. They will have to face one important problem — the lack of spectators in the stands. In England they want to solve it with the help of modern technology, which will allow you to “fill in” the podium computer images fans, and in Germany, viewers are preparing to replace their huge pictures as it once did in Belarus.

Even if the authorities of individual countries will be allowed to play matches and finish the tournament until the fall, in the interest of safety, spectators are unlikely to be admitted to the stadiums, to avoid any new outbreaks of the infection. So, the possible resumption of the championship of Germany will be held without spectators, as in the country until August 31 there is a ban on public events. According to media reports, the Bundesliga has developed a plan by which the stadiums in the best case will be about 300 people, including players, coaches, staff and employees of television. In Spain, Italy and England fans may not get to the matches until 2021.


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According to the President of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) Aleksandra Ceferin, it is better to play matches without spectators and show them only on TV than to give up games altogether, as it did in the Netherlands and France, as the fans need a positive energy that creates football. However, meeting in an empty stadium will have its drawbacks. Apart from the fact that clubs will not receive proceeds from ticket sales and merchandise, will suffer and the quality of the TV broadcasts. This convinced the representative of the host broadcaster Sky Sports the Premier League.

“Even if the club sells all the tickets for a Premier League match if one of the tribune looks especially empty, then the reaction of the audience is noticeably not as violent. Even if the stadium is noisy, one empty grandstand already reduces the pleasure of the spectators from the game. When the stadium is completely empty and complete silence, it produces a very strange impression. If viewers match after match, don’t see people in the stands, hear the cries of the fans and other sounds, there are serious concerns about how this will affect the pleasure of the audience watching and their desire to watch football is played behind closed doors”, — quotes words of the source iNEWS.

However, according to Sky Sports, the output can be found. The channel plans to use during the broadcast computer-generated images of people placed on are forced to empty stands. This technology is easy to use for a single motionless camera, but across the whole stadium, which used 24 points for shooting, can cause problems.

For broadcasters, the introduction of artificially created images the audience can be a challenge, admitted a representative of Sky Sports. To alleviate the problem will be if you use huge green canvas drawn into the stands, or be limited to only three cameras.

By the way, once in England has already replaced the live fans drawn. In 1992, the Northern tribune of stadium “Highbury”, which was played by the London “Arsenal”, was hung a banner with the image of the fans and even advertising. The canvas had to be changed as the artists originally depicted only white men, forgetting about women and minorities.

While talking about the introduction of computer technologies to “fill” the stands just being, outside of England they are trying to “revive” the more simple ways. Thus, the Belarusian club Dinamo Brest holds a charity event “We play for peace”, in which puts in the seats mannequins with the fan paraphernalia and photos of fans who bought tickets for the matches. Belarusian football in recent time has attracted the attention of the world, and, thus, the “Dynamo” helps foreign fans to be a little closer to the team. Your ticket and own mannequin has acquired even a former player of Chelsea and real Madrid, Michael Essien. Part of the proceeds from the shares of the funds club will direct the fight against coronavirus in Belarus.

The example of “Dynamo” intends to take Borussia mönchengladbach. The German club will be placed on the stands of their stadium and their fans, when the season in the Bundesliga resumes. Applications for this virtual visit of the arena “Borussia-Park” already left more than eight thousand fans who had to pay €19 for this opportunity. About two thousand pictures already taken place.