the number of victims of coronavirus in the United States exceeded the casualty figures in the Vietnam, Korean and world wars separately

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According to the conducted monitoring, on the morning of Sunday, victims of a new type of coronavirus 58 365 steel American citizens

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From causes related coronavirus, died in USA already more than 58.3 per thousand people, is more than the total losses of the American side in the Vietnam war. This is with reference to data of the Johns Hopkins University according to CNN.

According to the conducted monitoring, on the morning of Sunday, victims of a new type of coronavirus 58 365 steel American citizens. This number was higher than the deadweight loss of the United States in Vietnam, which, according to official data, amounted to 58 220 people. Also the number of victims of the epidemic have already exceeded losses in the Korean war (36,5 thousand Americans), in the First world (53.4 thousand).

All of these deaths occur in the period from February 6, when in California from COVID-19 died 57-the summer woman. It is noted that if the US involvement in the Vietnam war lasted more than ten years, comparable to the number of victims of the epidemic of the coronavirus began less than three months ago. The level of mortality from the pandemic higher: he is 17, 6 fatalities for every 100 thousand inhabitants, while in the most bloody for the United States war in Vietnam (1968), the same indicator was 8.5 deaths for every 100 thousand citizens of the United States.

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According to the Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations on the basis of information Federal and local authorities in the United States recorded more than 1 million cases of infection with coronavirus. The number of infected US far ahead of any other country in the world – in Spain, which is on the second place by number of cases, there are about 232 thousand.

The President of the United States Donald trump explained such a large number of identified cases of infection of a well-functioning system of testing infection. “Our testing system – better than in any other country in the world. Other countries are far behind the us in testing, and therefore cases of infection they are much less,” – he said on Twitter.

At a meeting with small business owners who have used the Federal anti-crisis program of lending, the President also suggested that the worst days of the pandemic coronavirus is behind us, said, “Voice of America”.

“While our country is fighting this terrible scourge, we continue to pray for the victims [of the epidemic] and for the Americans to mourn their dead loved ones, – said trump at the beginning of the speech in the East room of the White house. We all suffer as one, but we will win, we will come back and come back strong.” According to him, Americans “look forward to a safe and rapid recovery of our country.”

Restrictive measures imposed to prevent further spread of the pandemic, causing serious damage to the economy of the United States. According to a senior adviser to trump Kevin Hassett, unemployment may reach 16-20% in June. Against this background, the occupant of the White house on April 27 has recommended that the governors of the States to abolish the sanitary restrictions as soon as possible, but so as not to endanger the health of citizens.

Earlier it became known that us intelligence agencies warned the US President about the danger of a new coronavirus in January and February, but the then head of state did not take it seriously. Reports Trump said that China understates the extent of the contamination and the number of deaths and raised the prospect of heavy political and economic consequences. However, trump usually skip reading these documents and shows little patience even to the oral reports which are introduced to him two or three times a week. Senior health officials and advisers to the President also reported on the coronavirus in January and February, but their messages were sometimes confusing and contradictory.

Until that moment, when the world health organization (who) declared a pandemic COVID-19, trump continued to publicly downplay the threat and to reassure Americans that the epidemic will disappear, notes the WP. February 25, when the territory of the United States has already been noted dozens of cases of infection, Director of the National center of immunization and respiratory diseases Nancy Message warned about the rapid and inevitable spread of coronavirus in the country, which will lead to serious disturbances in the lives of people. Trump the next day said that the number of cases within a few days will come to naught, and the statements Message felt panic.

The largest banks of the country are to a catastrophic collapse of the us economy – 40%. In April due to plant closures and quarantine, the country will lose about 25 million jobs. Forecast for the second quarter will lose at least one million Americans per month. Although the third quarter should begin rising, the return will only be one-third loss in the first half of the year. By the end of 2020, Morgan Stanley predicts decline in real GDP of 5.5% – the largest drop since 1946.

In the Budgetary control of Congress believe that GDP will miss at least 28% in the second quarter, but a negative scenario, “the scale could be much greater”. At Credit Suisse expect a record reduction in U.S. GDP of 33.5% in this quarter. This means that the period 1 April to 30 June will be the worst in the entire history of observations since 1945. Stronger than others affected 27 US cities from 139.