Christmas markets Europe has to play at full, but the Ukrainian city are preparing to plunge into the festive atmosphere. The first Christmas towns in Kiev will open in the coming weekend, and while in the capital there are active preparations. UNIAN learned where and when will start to work the main celebrations of the fair of Kiev.

In Kiev at full speed there are preparations for new year and Christmas holidays / Photo UNIAN

In European cities the fairs have started to work since the second half of November, zapolleoniv city with millions of lights, aromas of mulled wine and a themed souvenir shops. In the last decade, this European tradition is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine.

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Traditional European fair closed for the Christmas evening of December 24, while Ukrainian fairs, as a rule, start to work and, consequently, closes late. And as for European countries Christmas markets is not only fun for the local, but also a huge potential to attract tourists, with the right approach, Ukraine has all chances to become a place where will gather guests from other countries who do not have enough holiday in Europe.

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This year Ukraine for the second time officially celebrates two Christmas – 24 December and 7 January, but because of the holiday towns will start to work earlier than usual. UNIAN understand where and when in Kiev will open the most ambitious festive locations.

Offer “winter Country” at ENEA 2018-2019 (8 December – 10 January)

The largest and the longest holiday location of the capital is “zimova Krajina” at ENEA. The first Christmas town in the Metropolitan Expocenter earned in 2015, and since then especially fond of Kiev residents and guests of the city. One of its main advantages is that it works right up to March. All this time the territory of the exhibition center, where many love to walk all year round, decorated with festive decorations and lights, thereby raising the spirits in the coldest months of the year.

Is not the first ENEA for three months lights holiday lights / Photo Marina.

This year offer “winter Country” kicks off this coming Saturday, December 8, and runs until March 10. Organizers announced the expansion of the campus, a new concept and entertainment. Among the novelties that will appear at VDNKH this year, the city residence of the world famous factory of Christmas decorations “Klavdiyevo” exposition “Ice age”, the quest-pavilion “Building interactive adventures” and “Castle ice sculpture”. Also in this season premiere of promise Christmas story “Winterra. The legend of fairy land.”

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Will offer “winter Country” and well known in past years entertainment. Among them, one of the largest skating rinks in the city under the open sky, decorated with garlands; tubing hills; the residence of Santa Claus; holiday fair “Corporation gifts”; the Kiev marionette theatre; a special series of film screenings and quests, and much more. Also this year on the territory of the “Krajina zimova” at ENEA, the same as last year, will sell food and drinks in the pavilion “Bavarian Yard”, the Russian Hayloft restaurant, BBQ Restaurant, cafe “Point VDNKH” and traditional street food courts.

Guests offer “winter Country” expect entertainment and food / Photo Marina.

The entrance to the grounds is free, but for all the entertainment you will need to pay. Every day you can purchase a comprehensive admission ticket for 390 UAH, which will allow at no extra charge to take part in all entertainment in one day. Details can be found on the link.

Courage Christmas Bazaar at ENEA (8-9 December)

Also in the coming weekend in the exhibition center in Kiev will be a Christmas Bazaar Courage, which promises to help all the guests get to prepare for the holidays. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy gifts for his family and friends, to pick up Christmas decor for the home and beyond, listen to the choir, to participate in thematic interactive entertainment, send holiday cards to anywhere in the world to see on the big screen movies “Harry Potter” and “home Alone” and make a wish, “sitting on the lap of Good and Bad Santa”.

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In addition, guests Courage the Christmas Bazaar will have the opportunity to drink mulled wine, sample traditional Christmas treats, including a salad “Olivier” and caramel apples.

By the way, the organizers of the upcoming Courage Bazaar promise the presence of the star sellers at the fair on 8-9 December.

Traditionally, the Courage, the Bazaar will have a charitable purpose – a portion from the sale of tickets of means (30 UAH for each ticket) will go towards purchasing gifts for children who spend the Day of St. Nicholas in the ward of one of the three most “difficult” hospitals: Cancer Institute, Institute of neurosurgery and Institute of cardiovascular surgery.

Courage Christmas Bazaar will be held December 8-9 from 11:00 to 23:00 on-site 19 exhibition hall. The entrance ticket for one day will cost 100 UAH, you can buy it on the input and in advance online. For children under 12, people with disabilities, birthdays, seniors, pregnant women and veterans of the ATO, the admission is free. Details can be found on the link.

Novyi Rik 2019 / Sofiyska square (19 December – 13 January)

Until 2013 the main new year tree and the biggest Christmas market of the country is traditionally located on the Independence square. However, after the dispersal of the Euromaidan participants, which allegedly interfered with the authorities of Yanukovych to install a Christmas tree at the usual place, the main place of celebration of New year and Christmas in Kiev, was moved to St. Sophia and St. Michael’s square.

Last year’s tree on Sofiyska square bila here’s / Photo UNIAN

It is on St. Sophia square since then solemnly lit main tree of the country, having a holiday program on the big stage with a huge screen and organize the largest number of fair trade outlets.

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This year the organizers of the Christmas Folk Ukraine promise to create at this place a land of the Northern lights, and the program of celebration includes, among other things, creative workshops, art performances and installations.

Traditionally, the Sofia tame a variety of lights / Photo by Marina Grigorenko

New year and Christmas atmosphere with lots of lights, decorations and points of food, drinks and Souvenirs will traditionally take sophiiska and Mykhailivska square, Vladimirsky passage between them. Also it is planning to place light design “Magic tunnel.” On Mikhaylovskaya square will be equipped amusement Park with various attractions for children and adults.

From the tunnel at Sofia / Photo by UNIAN

The organizers announce that this year on St. Sophia square again will set a live Christmas tree up to 25 meters, which plan to decorate 500 toys and three miles of white garlands. Also, it is planning to issue “a special installation of vertical elements”, and around the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky start children’s train “Polar Express”.

Holiday village in Sofia will run from 19 December to 13 January. Entrance to the event is free. You can learn more at the link.

Novyi Rik 2019 / marketplace (15 December – 20 January)

Another popular Christmas capital location in Kiev, traditionally located on the Kontraktova square, and organize it all the same Folk Ukraine, responsible for the main tree of the country on St. Sophia. Only celebrations on contract will last nearly two weeks longer.

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Christmas fair in the contract, the organizers plan to draw in the style of the works of Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko, which is usually characterized as “naive art” or “folk primitive”. Toys on the Christmas tree on a contract promise to perform in the form of strange beasts, characteristic of the creative art and installations in the form of fantastic animals will be placed along adjacent to the area of the street Sagaydachny.

Work Christmas fair at Kontraktova square will be from December 15 to January 20. Entrance to the grounds is free. Details can be found on the link.

Citrusovye korolivstvo on Spocom poli (December 21 – January 13)

For the Christmas season 2018/2019 in the territory of the Pechersk landscape Park will launch Ukraine’s first Citrus festival. Singing field promise to transform Christmas in a unique location: the Kingdom of oranges and lemons that will build fairy-tale castles.

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Just for the exhibition plan to use more than 120 tons of fruit, each of which will be laid instead of brick in the construction of castles. Among other things, the organizers promise to equip the house of Harry Potter, tangled, Aladdin, Robin hood, count Dracula, the Templars, etc.. Each citrus design will be to reach 3-5 meters in height.

The organizers promise that no one “citrus” in the process will not be affected, as they will be mounted on the structure by special ties. Well after the exhibition all of them promise to use it for greater purposes.

The organizers promise to strengthen the citrus safely / Photo

In addition, the program of the new year festival: the ice exposition, citrus tree, lemon entrance arches, the residence of citrus Santa, Christmas mail requests, gift shops, dog sledging and sledge Park-trails for adults and children.

The opening of the festival will take place on 21 December at the Song festival grounds. The entrance fee for adults – 100 UAH, for children – UAH 75, children under 7 years and combatants – free. You can learn more at the link.


Soon the atmosphere of the festival will cover the whole Kiev / Photo Marina.

Of course, new year and Christmas show in Kiev 2018/2019 not limited to the listed locations. The center of the capital, city parks and various themed preserves also will be transformed and lit with colorful lights to give the Ukrainians and tourists much needed in our difficult time a festive mood.

Have a nice holidays and weekends!

Marina Grigorenko