Chinese scientists have conducted research, during which found out how long the immunity people who recover from coronavirus infection COVID-19. And it turned out that the fastest immunity is decreased in asymptomatic patients.

As reported by the publication CNBC, most people surveyed scientists, the amount of antibodies decreased significantly after eight weeks. Most quickly this process took place in people who have had the disease without symptoms.

The University of Cucina researchers examined 37 patients from the Chinese province Wanzhou undergoing COVID-19 asymptomatic, and which during the disease was observed its symptoms. And it turned out that the organism asymptomatic patients produced significantly weaker immune response.

Scientists say that within eight weeks of observation the content of antibodies in the blood decreased in 81% of asymptomatic patients and 62% of people with COVID-19 with symptoms. And completely disappeared antibodies in 40% of asymptomatic patients and in 12.9% as aching symptoms.

As a result, scientists have concluded that the probability of re-infection is very high, as people are not stable developed immunity to the virus. The asymptomatic ill.

You can only talk about a temporary immunity lasting for 2-3 months.

Such studies scientists and their conclusions cast doubt on the possibility of developing any term of a collective immunity to the virus SARS-CoV-2. And, what is worse, – questioning the chances of beating this virus.

According to the study authors, their work can become an occasion for world leaders to rethink the introduction of so-called passports of immunity and to reflect on whether the introduction of such passports.

Earlier, scientists Liverpool during his research discovered a new symptom coronavirus. It turned out that it can cause pancreatitis.

Furthermore the experiment showed that the temperature at which the coronavirus dies completely. French scientists believe that their discovery will help in the development of new methods of disinfection of medical equipment used when working with patients.

Nadezhda Nikitina