China, Iran and Saudi Arabia – a record for the number of executions in 2019: thousands of people beheaded, shot, hanged

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Data for China far exceed 1000 executed

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China, Iran and Saudi Arabia are among the three leaders in the number of executions for the year among the 13 countries in the world are constantly carrying out executions in the last five years (2015 to 2019).

The death penalty as a form of punishment used in the past year, 20 States, including not only the developing countries of Africa and Asia, but also economic leaders with highly developed judicial system, such as the US and Japan, as well as the only country in Europe that still applies the death penalty – Belarus.

Data for China far exceed 1000 executed, but the exact number is impossible to call, as this information is locked is a state secret, reports in its annual report of international non-governmental human rights organization Amnesty International.

The organization notes that documented the execution of only 657 people in the world. If you rely only on these figures, the number executed has reached at least 10 years, and the downward trend in the number of executions, scheduled in 2015, continues. But in reality, from behind the closed statistics of such countries as China, North Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc., the number of those executed in the end is much higher.

Therefore Amnesty International’s report, China accounts for “1000++” (i.e. were executed thousands of people), in Iran – “251+” on Iraq – “100+”. These advantages mean that human rights defenders have accurate data about the increasing number of enforced death sentences, but this cannot be confirmed officially. So we can only make rough estimates.

Do not provide accurate data on executed also Egypt, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan and Belarus. This former Soviet Republic is currently the only state in Europe where convicts can be sentenced to the exceptional measure of punishment in the form of execution. In 2019 there was conducted a minimum of two executions (killed three people Alexander Zhilnikov and killed two people, Aleksandr Osipovich). Since 1990 in Belarus has been executed more than 400 people sentenced to capital punishment.

Except China with its classified statistics, which is in the first place for executions in the world, in the five countries according to these indicators, include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt.

Iran has executed at least 251 people, four of them at the time of Commission of crime were minors. In addition, in this country often practiced public executions – at least 13 cases in 2019.

Saudi Arabia last year set a record in the history of the Kingdom – 184 executed. At least 84 prisoners executed for drug-related offences. The death penalty was sentenced found guilty on rape and treason. As emphasized by Amnesty International, the phrase “high treason” of the government used as a political weapon against the opposition Shiites.

Human rights activists point out that many death sentences in Saudi Arabia was issued as a result of trials which did not meet international standards for fair trial. Confessions are often obtained through torture. In addition, among the sentenced to death are minors, as well as about 50 foreign nationals.

In April, 2019 in Saudi Arabia was one of the mass executions in the history of the country – a death sentence executed against 37 people. Most of the executed were accused of terrorism and treason.

Typically, in the Kingdom of convicts cut off the head of the Arab sword. But then crucify the headless body.

Significantly increased the number of executions in Iraq. During the year there were executed no less than 100 people – in most cases, the imposition of the death penalty was due to allegations of collaboration with the terrorist group ISIS (banned in Russia and other countries).

The United States remains the only country on the territory of the Americas, where executions of people, but their number and the number of death sentences has decreased. In the electric chair last year in the United States was killed 22 people. Despite the fact that at the Federal level, the penalty was not applied since 2003, at the state level, they continued. Next year, the number of executions in the United States is likely to increase significantly, since the beginning of this year “unofficial moratorium” was cancelled due to the approval of the Protocol of lethal injection.

Amnesty International’s report notes that for the first time since 2010, no execution was carried out in Afghanistan, and in Egypt, Japan and Singapore, their number decreased significantly.

In Japan in 2019, was executed three people. For the first time in the country was the execution of a death sentence against a foreigner, a citizen of China, who in 2003 killed a Japanese family. The penalty is in Japan execution by hanging.

The death penalty is completely banned in 106 countries, 28 do not apply it in practice.